2013 Asotin County Rodeo
2013 Asotin County Rodeo
2013 Asotin County Rodeo
2013 Asotin County Rodeo
Hells Canyon Rodeo 2017 Asotin County Fair & Hells Canyon Rodeo
Royalty Court
Asotin County Fair

Young Ladies of the LC Valley,
it is that time of year!!

Asotin County Fair and Hells Canyon Rodeo are looking for TWO great ladies to represent our event, and the community. If you are 14yrs of age to Senior in high school, and love to travel around the Northwest we would love to have you apply. If you would like to spend time with your four legged best friend, promoting all that our great area has to offer, please fill out an application. You can find the application on our web page, just click the link, print, and return to us by October 7th. Try outs are October 15th @ 10am. So get your ponies all gussied up and curl that hair, we need a Queen and a Princess for 2018!!

2018 Royalty Application

Queen Tess at Border Days

Queen Tess Bowers
Tess BowersTess Bowers, the daughter of Norman and Diana Bowers, is a resident of Clarkston, WA. Tess attends Asotin High School as a sophomore. She has competed in shows all over the Northwest and has been involved in rodeo most of her life. Living in the northwest has put Tess in contact with many horsemen; she has taken advantage of their knowledge to produce well-trained horses that are a pleasure to ride at events and on the trail. Tess has a six year old Quarter Horse that she has trained personally and that she will be using throughout her reign as royalty. She has been active in the Asotin County Fair and Rodeo since she was nine years old and has shown horses and a steer at this event. Tess was also our 2015 Asotin County Fair and Rodeo Princess. She enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, being in the outdoors and spending her time with family and friends. As 2016 Asotin County Fair and Rodeo Queen, she looks forward to sharing her passion and love of rodeo with adults and children as she travels the northwest during her reign. Tess believes being Queen isn't just about crowns, glitter or pretty smiles. She believes it's setting good example; she wants to inspire children and adults. Tess would like to give an enormous thank you to her parents for their volunteer of time and support, her chaperones Whitney and Heidi for all the time they have put into helping us and for the time they will be putting into the events we attend. She would also like to thank the fair board and rodeo board for all the help and support they have given us. She would also like to give another enormous thank you to all the businesses that donated to the Royalty Coronation. Tess is excited to represent the 76th Annual Asotin County Fair and Rodeo.
Past Asotin County Fair and Rodeo Royalty

Queen:  Doris Floch Reeves,
Princesses:  June Wilson Lekander, Yvonne Wyatt Hilding, Betty Ann Clift  Richardson, Betty Hanchett Bailey, June Bucholtz Floch, Ortha Wormell Thomason, Eunice Halsey, Elizabeth Appleford Swantz, Nadine Forgey Fox, and Margorie Cole.
Chaperone: Esther Anderson
Queen: June Bucholtz Floch
Princesses: LaDoris Ausman Smith and Minnie Giardinilli Haberman
Queen: Barbara Deligan
Princesses: Wanda Dirke Sly, Carlyle Beers and Thais Hollenbeck Spickard
Queen: LaDoris Ausman Smith
Princesses: Donna Blankenship Jones, Naomi Watkins Johnson & Yvonne Beers
Queen: Shirley Bucholtz Jones
Princesses: Lois Taylor Marshell, Patsy Griffin Appleford, Arlene Richman Darst and Anna Marie Black Figenshaw
Queen: Margaret Arledge Sargeant
Princesses: Cleo Rumiser Coutter and Dorothy Lohman Fordice
Queen: Clesta Watkins Miller
Princesses: Elnora Atchinson, Maxine Tidwell, Shirley Townsend Savage and Rose Taylor Thornton
Queen: Paula Ebsen Riggs
Princesses: Evelyn Greene Courtney, Donna Shuss Peterson, Patsy Griffin Appleford, Dorothy Lohman Fordice and Lorena Knoll McCoutney
Queen: Shirley Townsend Savage
Princesses: Melvina Williamson Banning, Maxine Tidwell, Ina Jane Parsley Berryman, Barbara Amens Combs, Jeanette Peters Sargent and Adair Cox
Queen: Evelyn Green Courtney
Princesses: Charlotte Shuss Zellerhoff, LaDoris Stalnaker Bramdt, JoAnn Shaner Miller, Janice Dodd Scheibe, Iva Mae Sarbacher and Nevelyn Thompson Land
Queen: Dorothy Arledge Keely
Princesses: Norma Ebson Lovelady, Grends Gay Rumburg, Janette Parsons Hodson, Leila Jensen Carlton and Silma Dixon Vantrease
Queen: Norma Ebsen Lovelady
Princesses: Marlene Wilhelm Rhyno, Kay Silver Smith, Virginia Savage Collier, JoRae Benedict Grow and Donna Combs Nelson
Queen: Karen Branch Stewart
Princesses: Helen Hanna, Virginia Holloway Earl, Pat Roberson Taylor, Carole Moore McKay and Leia Snyder Roberts
Chaperone: Bonnie Roberson
Queen: Kay Silver Smith
Princesses: Zana Botts Witters, Corrine Flynn Thompsonm, Marilyn Schlee Burg, Arlene Tippett Mullins and Susan Teague Turner
Chaperone: Bonnie Robeson
Queens: Vernice Thornton AKA Vanesa Rhoades
Princesses: Judy Roberson Robertson, Marily  Gorden O’Malley, Birdie Cox Russell, Linda Mashburn Johnston and Patty Stucker Estes
Chaperone: Norma Malcom
Queen: Lavonne Hodges Miller
Princesses: Sarah Petty Thompson, Dalene Ausman Braden, Celia Bond Alexander, Janice Boggan Botts, and Edwian Vittetoe Graham
Chaperone: Mrs. Carl Silvers
Queen: Corinne Flynn Thompson
Princesses: Marlene Wilson Snyder, Sylvia Nolt Feider, Billy Mallory Havens, Jeannette Brantner and Delia Knight Winroth
Chaperone: Mrs. Ed Spencer
Queen: Dalene Ausman Braden
Princesses: Auburn Tyler Thai, Mary Lee Maxwell Fraizier, Janie Knight Buchanan, Janet Halsey McCoy and Carol Onstot Millan
Chaperone: Mrs Brooks
Queen: Marlene Wilson Snyder
Princesses: Betty Hodges Halsey, Carol Simpson Vanderburg, Maurene
Brown Lombard, Sue Polumsky Haumeister and Linda Botts Storey
Chaperone: Claudine Wilson
Queen: Charlotte Berry Johnson
Princesses: Sharon Sangster Wilson and Carolyn Beard Cutler
Chaperone: Claudine Wilson
Queen: Helen Caldwell Eggelston
Princesses: Karla Peterson Kalasz and Alicia Baker Floch
Chaperone: Claudine Wilson
Queen: Mary Hodges Reeves
Princesses: Pat Arrasmith Hough and Linda Hendreckson Bayless
Chaperone: Merle Henry
Queen: Mary McEachen Eaton
Princesses: Nancy Reynolds Johnson and Sherly Hinkle Smith
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Queen: Twila Ellis Gruell
Princesses: Nancy Mallory Sangster and Kristine Shepherd Howell
Chaperone: Joan Young
Queen: Sue Hedt Savage
Princesses: Marilu Kerr Hollman and Cynthia Votow Extine
Chaperone: Paula Boston
Queen: June Hickman McKune
Princesses: Jeannie Gehrke Mallory, Debbie Sangster and Joyce Noel Morton
Chaperone: Mrs. Robert Pennick
Queen: Barbara Floch Henderson
Princesses: Rose Burman Sprayberry and Diana Galles Coe
Chaperone: Darlene Hostetler
Queen: Shirley Landrus Crawford
Princesses: Debbie Johnson Jones and Meldred Shoemaker Lansing
Chaperone: Mrs. Pennick
Queen: Sue Perkins Wendt
Princesses: Irene Gehrke Appleton and Donita Hendrickson Lockwood
Chaperone: Joyce Sorgee
Queen: Nancy Appleford
Princesses: Renee Jungert Bellone and Randa Botts Hansen
Chaperone: Janice Jerret
Queen: Joyce Fuller Sewell
Princesses: Carrie Th ornton
Calkins and Debbie Walk Wood
Chaperone: Ellen Keatts
Queen: Cathy Blevins Magallones
Princesses: Judy Berghaner Lodge and Chris Murray Wagner
Chaperone: Sally Dollemore
Queen: Connie Langford Griffith
Princesses: Darcy Hostetler Robinson and Linda Burke Chandler
Chaperone: Mary Ausman
Pam Hartung Scheibe
Doris Ellis Gableman and Cindy Mullins Tuschhoff
Ilene Combs

Queen: Karen Kiessig
Princesses: Renee Beardsley and Teri Waffl e Richie
Chaperone: Sandy Hoyem
Queen: Pam Scott Parks
Princesses: Lori Lodge Long and Betty
Gatherer Barnes
Chaperone: Linda Hough
Queen: Brenda Hay
Princesses: Kay Benedict Bachman and Sandra Bailey Brott
Chaperone: Judy Lodge
Queen: Teresa Jones Koefod
Princess: Dee Burlingame
Chaperone: Myrna Beamer
Queen: Kathryn Marval Weill
Princesses: Lorele Talbot McNamee and Lisa Fuhs Hancock
Chaperone: Sue Zenner
Queen: LaDawn Dodd
Princesses: Kim Ausman Witters and Laurie Sullivan
Chaperone: Sue Zenner
Queen: Karen Tippet Gerger
Princesses: Tanya Click & Dessa Eiting Myrick
Queen: Becki Smith
Princesses: Joan Halsey and April Woods Day
Chaperone: Lucinda Wagner
Queen: Jackie Long Peer
Princesses: Kristi Hicks & Julie Brotnov
Chaperone: Melva Bailey
Queen: Kamme Campbell Prior
Princesses: Michelle Havens and Trina Miller
Chaperone: Melva Bailey
Queen: Carol Lodge Hough
Princesses: Janet Halsey and Angie Blimka Watson
Chaperone: Melva Bailey
Queen: Melissa Meehan
Princess: Melissa Bittle
Chaperone: Melva Bailey
Queen: Angie Reeves
Princesses: Brooke Martin and Meredith Anderson
Chaperone: Crystal Dodd
Queen: Melissa Bittle
Princesses: Marlo Race & Brenda Hammond
Chaperone: Crystal Dodd
Queen: Amity Ingram
Princesses: Tina Olsen and Holly Hattan
Chaperone: Joreen Givins
Queen: Meredith Anderson
Princess: Jenny Harris and Melissa Reeves
Chaperone: Sandy Cunningham
Queen: Robin Albers
Princesses: Heidi Henderson & Melissa Weissenfels
Chaperone: Sandy Cunningham
Queen: Wendy Broyles
Princesses: Danielle Ingram & Amber Norwood
Chaperone: Sandy Cunningham
Queen: Amanda Reeves Weissel
Princesses: Jessica Vanlith and Bandie Harrison
Chaperone: Connie Bond
1996 & 1997
Queen: Cami Hammrich Browne
Princesses: Callie Harrison, Stephanie Kuther, & Sonia Mattoon
Chaperone: Connie Bond
Queen: Carrie Edwards
Princesses: Billie Flatt & Lindsey Zimmerman
Chaperone: Joan Landrus
Queen: Jackie Alboucq
Princesses: Cassie Houser, Chelsey Tank and Anna Gribble
Chaperone: Connie Bond

Ambassadors: Nicole Hammrich and Allison Coons
Chaperone: Connie Bond
Queen: Shantel Tank
Princesses: Katie Collier and Melissa Th ornton
Chaperone: Shirley Houser
Queen: Monica Shaw
Princesses: Dessa Witters and Teresa Coons
Chaperone: Donna Peer
Queen: Ashlee Witters
Princesses: JoDee Appleton and Ashley Childers
Chaperone: Grace Heger
Queen: Allison Spencer
Princesses: Stacy Sangster and Karly Porter
Chaperone: Debbie Hostetler
Queen: Shaana Hagenah
Princess: Kimberly Clouse
Chaperone: Grace Heger
Queen: Holli Jo Floch
Princess: Rebecca Dyer
Chaperone: Anna Gribble Wren
Queen: Holly Heitstuman
Princess: Kaela Scott
Chaperone: Sheila Witters
Queen: Samantha Coe
Princess: Courtney Klemm
Chaperone: Terri Clouse
Queen: Christi Thompson
Princess: Teddi Phares
Princess: Jordi Flinders
Chaperone: Cassie Houser
Queen: Sara Browne
Princess: Kristina Coe
Chaperone: Grace Heger
Queen: Katie Hendrickson
Princess: Myranda Craven
Chaperone: Grace Heger
Queen: Jenny Floch
Princess: Dani Davidson
Chaperone: Kim Clouse
Queen: Kayla Nuxoll
Princess: Allison Todderudd
Chaperone: Judy Marshall
2013 Ambassadors
Sienna Swift
Tabi Forkner
Chaperone: Pam Kimble
Queen: Brenna Southwick
Princesses: Jenny Ross and Susan Fleming
Chaperones: Peggy Hansford and Pam Kimble
Queen: Casey Jacobson
Princesses: Tess Bowers and Kacie Harrington
Chaperones: Peggy Hansford and Byron Harrison
Queen: Jolee Sanford
Chaperone: Sheila Witters

Queen: Tess Bowers
Chaperone: Heidi Graham

Tess Bowers

2017 Royalty Chaperones
Heidi Graham and Whitney Loe

2017 Chaperones

Hello! It is our pleasure to chaperone the Asotin County Fair and Hells Canyon Rodeo 2017 Royalty Court. We have enjoyed our time with Queen Tess Bowers.

We are very excited for the 76th annual fair and rodeo, and we invite you all to attend.

We have both been very involved in fairs, rodeos, and royalty for many years, and are excited to share this year with Tess. We will be very busy this summer representing our fair and rodeo at many other fairs, rodeos, and events. As we are both parents, we thoroughly enjoy watching Tess grow as an individual as well as a team and learning along the way. She has put in a lot of hard work already as well as her family and guardians who will be following her to royalty events.

We would like to thank Rogers Toyota for sponsoring us their truck to haul Tess and horse and other sponsors. We would also like to thank our families for supporting us and helping us during royalty events this year, and a special thanks for Moresa Graham for always being available to assist us and for sharing her vast knowledge with us.



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