Goat Tail Un-Tying 

1st Place-Klause Braucher

2nd Place-Till Crawford

3rd Place-Harper Heistsuman

Tie for 4th Place- Weston Reedy & Weston Zipse



Goat Tail Tying

1st Place-Pailynn Witters

2nd Place-Kambree Jones

3rd Place-Regan Smith

4th Place-Paisley Jeffreys



Calf Riding

1st Place-Cash Collins

2nd Place-Cason Witters

3rd Place-Dace Centenari

4th Place-Michael Waits



Pee Wee Barrels

1st Place-Callahan Smith

2nd Place-Klaire McMurry

3rd Place-Regan Smith

4th Place-Pailynn Witters

5th Place-Klause Braucher


Calf Scramble 8-12yrs Old

1st Place Team-Beau Broeckel & Rowdie Jo Broeckel

2nd Place Team-Cord Heger & Cason Witters

3rd Place Team-Raylee Smith & Morgan Franklin

4th Place Team-Treyson Davis & Kaden Davis



Mutton Bustin’

1st Place-Laikyn Scott

Tie for 2nd Place-Branson Crawford & Gus Gallaher

4th Place-Lincoln Port

5th Place-Johnny Bramlet

6th Place-Adalynne Waits



JR Barrels

1st Place-Denali Cook

2nd Place-Madi Keys

3rd Place-Kira Bentley

4th Place-Rowdie Jo Broeckel



SR Barrels

1st Place-Zayda Carpenter

2nd Place-Sydney Keys

3rd Place-Mckenna Besst



Steer Riding

1st Place-Roper Davis

2nd Place-Kaitlynn Davis

3rd Place-Kaden Davis



Calf Scramble 13-18yrs Old

1st Place Team-Charlie Jackson & Jayne Crockett















Sunday   April 24th, 2022   12:30pm    Upper Level


Sunday: Tough Enough to Wear Pink Day



Thank You Kids Rodeo Belt Buckle Sponsors:

C & C Painting: Steer Riding 10-18 yrs

C& C Painting: Jr. Barrels

C & C Painting: 2-Person Calf Scramble 13-18 yrs

Sean Parker Construction: Calf Riding

Doug Renfro Construction: Mutton Bustin’

Grassland Northwest: Pee Wee Barrels

Pam Kimble: Goat Tail Un-tying

Peggy Hansford: Goat Tail Tying

Connie Bond: Sr. Barrels

Knox Concrete: 2-person Calf Scramble 8-12 yrs



Order of Events

  1.  Goat Tail Untying (4 & under)
  2.  Goat Tail Tying (5-8yrs old)
  3.  Calf Riding (7-9yrs old
  4.  Pee Wee Barrels (8yrs & under)
  5.  2-Person Team Calf Scramble (8-12yrs old)
  6.  Mutton Bustin’ (4-7yrs old and 60-lbs & under only) FIRST SET OF (15) Contestants ENTRIES WILL RUN
  7.   Jr. Barrels (9-13yrs old)
  8.  Mutton Bustin’ (4-7yrs old and 60-lbs & under only)  SECOND SET OF (15) Contestant ENTRIES WILL RUN
  9.   Sr. Barrels (14-18yrs old)
  10.  Steer Riding (10-18yrs old)
  11.  2-Person Team Calf Scramble (13-18yrs old)

Check in time: 10:00am-12:00pm At the Bennett Building Upper Level

Money must be sent in with Entry Form no exceptions please.

No late entries will be excepted. Limited number of contestants in each event.

Mail In Entries will be on a first come-first serve basis. Deadline is April 9th, 2022.

All Contestants must provide their own safety gear to participate.

Pay-outs & Awards will be paid and given out on Sunday April 24th, 2022. Immediately after the rodeo.

Top 1-4 will get Pay-outs in these events: Pee Wee Barrels, Jr. Barrels, Sr. Barrels, Calf Riding, Steer Riding, Mutton Bustin’, & Calf Scramble.

1st  Place/Top Winner in these events will receive a Belt Buckle: Pee Wee Barrels, Jr. Barrels, Sr. Barrels, Calf Riding, Steer Riding, Mutton Bustin’, & Calf Scramble.

1st  Place/Top winner in Goat Tail Tying & Untying will receive a belt buckle.

2nd-4th places in Goat Tail Tying & Untying will receive trophies.

For Information Contact Peggy Hansford 208-791-1451 or



  1. Check in time is Sunday April 24th from     10:00am-12:00pm, Check in at the Bennett Building on the upper.  All contestants must be checked in prior to 12:00pm, No Exceptions. At Check-in Parents/Guardians will sign a release waiver and pick up contestant number.
  2. Payment must accompany mail in entry form. NO exceptions please.
  3. Each number of events has a limited number of contestants on a first come first-serve basis. Upon an event being filled, contestants will be notified of entry acceptance or non-availability if event is full.
  4. All Kids Rodeo Contestants in the arena at any time MUST have on western attire: Long Sleeve Shirt, Pants/Jeans, Cowboy Hat & Boots.
  5. Mutton Bustin’, Calf Riders, & Steer riders must bring their own equipment and wear the proper safety attire: Helmet, vest, and mouth guard to compete. No exceptions
  6. Mutton Bustin’ Riders must be ages 4-7-years old only as of April 24th, 2022, and not weigh more than 60-lbs. No exceptions. Limit of 30-riders is on a first come-first serve basis. Riders will ride out of the Mutton Bustin’ Chutes for 8-seconds. All riders will be timed and judged. The top 3-riders will go on to compete at the Lewiston Roundup in September 2022.
  7. Only one parent will be allowed behind the chutes and in the arena at a time.
  8. Calf Riders and Steer Riders must have and wear the proper safety protective equipment.

All Contestants Must provide their own safety riding equipmentNO exceptions. All contestants must wear a helmet approved for rodeo events. All contestants must wear an Athletic Protective Mouthpiece while competing. All contestants must wear a vest designed to protect the chest and back while competing.

  1. The Calf Scramble will have catcher-catch-can two-person teams. No horses will be allowed in the arena. Teams must catch the calf by any means possible-no ropes will be provided and get the ribbon off the calf’s neck. The first team to return to the Judge located in the chalk circle and hand the ribbon to the Judge will be the 1st place winning team.
  2. All barrel racing contestants must be on horseback before entering the arena to compete. Hats must stay on top of contestant’s head thru the entry gate. If a contestant loses their hat before entering the In-gate they will be Disqualified.
  3. Pee Wee Barrel Racers must be a single horse and rider in order to make a qualifying time. Or they may be led by 1-adult on foot. The person leading the horse may not break the eye, starting or stopping.
  4. Asotin County Fair & Kids Rodeo reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary and appropriate to procedures, rules, and Events without prior notice.
  5. Contestants get in free only. All others pay to get into the fair & rodeo.


“Attitude is one of the only things we have control over in life, so pick a good one.”       Amberley Snyder



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